Do You Believe In Karma


Can we talk about the word “karma” for a moment please? I hear it thrown around quite often when life does not go a certain way, especially when it has to do with another person doing harm to another. You know the saying, “Well, wait until karma comes back to them.” I’ve seen the discussion of karma being posted throughout the social media realm and hear it pop up through casual conversations. I too believe that what comes around goes around, but I think there is a greater lesson to be learned when it comes to understanding and using the word karma.

I have not studied Buddhism or Hinduism in depth but can wrap my brain around the spiritual principle of cause and effect. If you believe that actions and reactions are all related in one big loop, then you too probably have a general idea of what karma means. The saying “karma’s a b*!%h” or wishing that “karma bites a person in the ass” is where we should really take a second to stop and reflect.
Believing in the true essence of karma does not mean to hope somebody else gets a punishment. Karma is about acting on goodness and living life from a pure place (not about expecting anything in return, or hoping someone learns a harmful lesson). Doing well for your own inner peace, the people and world around you, will lead you to living a life of more happiness.

Some people may think that those who seem to have a happier life, have it because they have good karma. Perhaps, but it has more to do with the philosophy of being a grounded person. The more conscious a person is on a daily basis about making more thoughtful decisions, and how they act and engage in a kinder, more giving, more humane and more compassionate fashion, the more fulfilling life will feel for them. Bottom line, creating positive habits will deliver more consistent moments of happiness.

If your intent is to give off negativity on other people, do wrong and express anger, your energy is obviously going to be in a dark place. To be more frank, you are probably going to think your life is in the gutter if you wake up every day with hate in your heart. That is not because you have bad karma. It has to do with the fact that your attitude, your intentions, your morals and your mindset totally suck. Connecting with karma is about acting and expressing higher vibrating words like love, gratitude, hope and joy.

Call it what you will, but karma does not involve wishing ill will upon others and hoping that they get what “they deserve.” If you are a believer of positive energy, than your intent should come from a place of goodness and not hoping karma takes care of things. That is not how karma works, or what it even means. The next time you see the word karma, think about if the person is using it in the right context.
If fate does actually work as one full cycle, you do not want your mind to go off-roading by seeking cosmic revenge on another person. You should rather hope life gets better for that person because with goodness in your corner, your side of the street will always be clear. Remember, truly happy people want to see others succeed, not take them down. It should never be about a sense of payback – more like how can you turn any situation into a way to pay it forward.
Whether you’ve been through a breakup, betrayal or a fight, moving on with a good conscious and a healthy mind will only help you become a stronger person. Chaos is not cute, and we as humans want to live our lives in peace. Unfortunately, those unexpected jolts of “what the heck!” are simply life being life. The key is how you handle it, what you take away from it and how you move on to tomorrow, the next day and the day after that.

To avoid getting into a place where your temper and energy is boiling over, I want you to try looking at any argument or disagreement from a different perspective. It is not about punishing the other person, or wanting to get back at them. Rather, it’s about moving on and connecting back to your center:

First, take a minute to digest. Your first reaction is not always the best reaction. Give yourself a few minutes to take a deep breath or even sleep on it.

Consider the source. Is the person battling it out with you in a good place in his/her life? Are they at your speed in terms of happiness, values, etc.?

Is it worth engaging, or can you cut ties and move on without wasting any of your energy? In the grand scheme of life, is it really worth it?

Try and avoid getting defensive or wanting to retaliate with words.

Is there a whole other issue under the surface that is causing such chaos?

Avoid wishing ill will upon them. If they are in a miserable position, that is their battle to fight – not yours.

If you believe in karma or not, I hope the idea of it encourages you to reflect goodness through your actions, intent and words. You may be surprised to see how much better life can be when you have your spirit, soul, mind and destiny aligned.

With Gratitude,

Matt Jacobi

Matthew Jacobi